Monday, July 11, 2011

Chick Lit Plus Blog Tours: Review for With Just one Click By: Amanda Strong

ReadingNook Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars
This story circulates through three different womens lives; Chloe, Morgan, and Brynn. Each woman hold a connection to facebook, one is friended by her first love of when she was 17 that sends her through a whirlwind of reoccuring feelings, Another rekindles a friendship with ex-boyfriend from high school who was the bad boy that turned around and forms a wedge between her and her current family, and other deals with an admirier of her husband who proves to be trying to get in good with her husband and earn the title of "certified home-wrecker". 

Amanda Strong creates a realistic novel, about what seems to be happening with relationships since the influx of social networking. Facebook has been known to rekindle old romances as well as new; lead to affairs that are usually realized via the web, and also the visual flirtation of past crushes and/or exe's for everyone who's "friended" can see. Social networking plays a huge role in her society, and It keeps growing, I don't think its a fad that's going to go away anytime soon, and Amanda Strong paints a realistic story with the dramas and adventures that happen amoungst the pages of facebook.

The story for me was fast-paced with a lot of twists and turns that I didn't see coming, the one thing that bothered me was the ending. I wish the connection would have been made earlier in the story between all three of the woman, (although I had guessed that somehow they were connected), and felt that the story ended way to abruptly and felt unfinished. I felt like their were questions that weren't answered; such as what happened with the relationship between Brynn and Timothy??? 

Overall, This book was worth a read, it was funny, realistic, and heart-warming/breaking all at once, definitely a good book to throw in your beach bag this summer!!

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  1. Thanks for the review Laura! I was actually not as keen as you, I didn't pick up on the connection until the end, then went "duh!" Thanks again :)

  2. Just tried to post a comment, don't see it so trying again-sorry in advance if this is a double post!

    Thanks for taking the time and reviewing the book--I'm glad you enjoyed it!

    Amanda Strong :)