Friday, September 30, 2011

My October TBR Pile!!

A Very Massive TBR pile if I could get through half of these I would be estatic, but I like to think big... lol


  1. Between, Dark Territory Near Witch and Envy are all on my Oct TBR list too!

  2. O my goodness girl thats a ton. We need to kinda talk bout when were gonna read rot and ruin together. Awesome books. Envy does look amazing. Check out my tbr tom :)

  3. I LOVE A Separate Peace!
    Love the cover for The Pledge, too.
    I really enjoyed All These Things I've Done. I know it's gotten slightly mixed reviews, but I thought it all worked and am looking forward to the next book.
    I'll be reading Miss Peregrine's, too!
    My review of Between the Sea and Sky just went up. It's a really quick read, you can probably fit it in.
    LOVE The Near Witch. Seriously, one of my faves this year.

  4. The Pledge is awesome!
    I plan to read Miss Peregrine's too.
    I have All These Things I've Done, it just came today for review so that's on my list as well.
    I didn't know Wicked Girls was in verse! Now I'm VERY interested in reading it!
    Good luck getting through your books!