Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Book Review: Notes to Self by: Avery Sawyer

Goodreads Summary: 

Two climbed up. Two fell down. 

One woke up. 

In the aftermath of a traumatic brain injury, Robin Saunders has to relearn who she is and find out what happened the night everything changed.

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My Review: 

ReadingNook Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

As soon as I read the synopsis for Notes to Self I knew I wanted to read it. I have always loved contemporary YA novels and hard-hitting ones are the ones that really draw me to them the most. Robin and Emily are best friends and when a tragic fall leads them both into a coma, everyone wants to know what really happened. When Robin wakes up, while Emily continues to sleep Robin is forced to deal with her brain injury on her own without really knowing what happened that night. Robin goes back to the school and is shunned as the reason for Emily's comatose state, but what role did Robin actually play in the accident? and why was she there in the first place?

This book drew me right in, I wasn't bored with the story at all, and flew through it. I loved the characters and felt that they were extremely well-developed. I loved Robin and Reno, and wish they developed their relationship sooner in the story, because I loved the "unspoken chemistry" between the two of them, but on the other hand i'm happy that instalove didn't occur either.

I also liked the mystery of the story, and how Robin wrote notes to herself to fill in the blanks and the missing pieces of her life that she wasn't able to remember post-accident. I liked how the story had flashbacks of prior to the accident and felt that also helped with the character development, especially the relationship between Robin and Emily, and you were able to understand there relationship a little bit more then you would have been able to if that wasn't a part of the story.

If you enjoy contemporary YA reads, this is definitely one to add to your TBR lists. It was eye-opening in many different ways, has a message of hope, and a great story that will draw you in from the very beginning to the very end.


  1. Hmm this book sounds good. I just added it to my wish list.

  2. Oh good! I just read this one recently as well and enjoyed it too, I'm happy to see that your giving it 4 stars as well, and you know I don't enjoy contemporary reads much, so it was a pleasant surprise for me
    Krista XD