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Heartfelt Blog Tours: Guest Post with Libby Mercer

Faced with a man so smooth he can charm the clouds from the sky, will Caitlyn be able to stick to her strict No Players policy?
Dedicated American fashion girl, Caitlyn Taylor, can’t stand players, and has successfully dodged them like enemy fire all her life. And then she meets fun-loving British CEO, John Harrington. Not only is he her boss’s brother, he’s the charismatic kind of womanizer that nightmares are made of. Worse still: he’s exactly Caitlyn’s type. As if his being the Superman of sex appeal isn’t enough, he’s also got that quirky something-something that she adores. Not that she’s even considering falling prey to his methods. No way.
John can’t fathom how Caitlyn can be impervious to his charms, given the extraordinary chemistry between them.  The more she resists, the more determined he is to break down the walls she’s built up to keep him out.  Forced to get creative, he orchestrates a “surprise” weekend in Paris for the two of them.  Game on!
Excerpt for Libby Mercer’s Fashioning a Romance
About twenty minutes later, she was interrupted by the sound of a melodious, male voice. “Methinks it is a token of healthy and gentle characteristics, when women of high thoughts and accomplishments love to sew; especially as they are never more at home with their own hearts than while so occupied. Nathaniel Hawthorne.”
John was standing in the doorway with an irresistible grin and two steaming cups on saucers. “Tea break, Caitlyn?”
No. No, no, no, no, no.
But he was her boss’s brother. What choice did she have?
“Um… okay.” She set the dress aside while John crossed the room and placed the tray on the side table before taking a seat next to her on the sofa. She got a whiff of yummy soapy cleanness from him, and felt the blood forcing its way to the surface of her skin. He was sitting close – too close. His long, lean, muscular thigh was just inches away from hers. And she would almost swear that she could feel the heat radiating from him. Man, talk about a hot guy.
“Milk and one sugar, right?” He handed her one of the cups.
“Yes, thank you.” He’d obviously done his research. Yep, total player. No doubt about it. Caitlyn took a sip and counted to five before glancing up at John, who was beaming his million-watt smile down on her. The silence was too much to handle. “So…” She searched her brain for something to say. “What’s up with the quote? Are you like a Hawthorne expert or something?”

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Guest Post with Libby Mercer: 
On Fashion and Fabrics
By Libby Mercer
From a petal-soft silk tweed to a dotted Swiss cotton, I have always found fabrics to be enchanting. As a former fashion journalist, boutique owner and (briefly) as a fashion designer, I’ve spent my fair share of time meandering through the fabric wholesale shops lurking above the storefronts in New York’s Garment District. I loved taking in the displays of silks, cottons, leathers, wools and even PVCs and poly-blends in every color of the rainbow and then some. I could (although sadly, I never did) spend hours just running my fingers over the unique textures and delighting over the gorgeous prints.
Let’s just say I have a “thing” for fabrics.
And so when I started writing Fashioning a Romance, and I needed to decide what my heroine, Caitlyn, does for a living, fashion designer seemed like the logical choice. The story opens with a fashion emergency. Caitlyn’s employer, London semi-socialite, Sophie, needs a complicated cocktail dress constructed for the next evening. Caitlyn, fashion rock star that she is, sews her ass off and presents Sophie with the dress right on time. I had a grand old time writing the descriptions of the “twisty, strappy dress” made with iridescent lilac silk chiffon and plum velvet.
Although her designs are obviously amazing and gorgeous, Caitlyn’s personal style is very low key. I know a lot of people probably assume that clothing designers are walking fashion plates themselves, but in my experience, this is rarely the case. They work so hard, and they usually opt for comfortable, functional attire. Caitlyn is no exception. She spends the majority of the novel in her standard uniform: jeans, tee shirt and no shoes.
Whether or not it’s a conscious decision, we make “fashion statements” every single day by what we choose to clothe our bodies in. I really enjoyed drawing the essence of my characters out by describing their wardrobes, and there’s one scene in particular when I spotlight the difference between Sophie and Caitlyn’s styles – and their characters.
In this scene, Caitlyn is going through Sophie’s wardrobe, packing up some things for an impromptu trip to Paris, and she chooses four of Sophie’s dresses: “a long, slinky midnight blue number, a floaty petal pink knee-length one with princess seams, a stiff cotton floral print sundress with a structured bodice, and of course the quintessential little black dress” along with “silver strappy heels and black strappy heels” and “a cute little silk top and a pair of black linen cigarette pants.” When Caitlyn races into her bedroom to pack for herself, she selects “three plain cotton tops, three pairs of underwear, three pairs of socks, the oversized tee she slept in, her baggy pajama bottoms, her comfy black cardi and an extra pair of jeans.”
Despite her preference for the basics on a day-to-day basis, Caitlyn does cherish getting dolled up occasionally. In a scene further into the story, I have her shopping for a date dress and falling head over heels when she spots The Dress. Made with mossy green sand-brushed silk (an amazing textile with a suede-like texture) The Dress is perfect for her hourglass figure. I loved writing this scene. Caitlyn is a hardworking woman who rarely indulges herself, so it was an absolute joy for me to give her the unique sensation of pleasure that comes when you’re staring at your reflection and you know you look fabulous.
Thanks for reading!


  1. Lovely post Libby, I can't wait to read the book and learn more! While not a fashion guru as you obviously, I work with beads which I suspect is a similar addiction! :-)

  2. Oh absolutely beads are the same thing, Regina. Haha - me a fashion guru. If you could only see me now in my flip flops, workout pants and tee shirt with a bandana on my head!

    I really hope you enjoy Fashioning a Romance! Thanks so much. :-)