Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bad Blogger Award

Yes, that's right I'm giving myself a bad blogger award!! I've realized how much i've been slacking on consistant posting, and I'm going to give you a million and one excuses as to why i've been slacking off (because let's face it, many bloggers have full time jobs and run households) so i'm just going to commit to you guys to try to make my posts more consistant. I don't think anytime soon i'll be able to have a new post up everyday, I wish I had that kind of dedication, and while I do have a strong love for reading and blogging, it's not my only focus.

So thanks again to my followers for staying and following my blog, each and every one of you make the work and effort worth it! I appreciate all of you and thanks for sticking by my side! 


  1. It happens to everyone. Don't let it stress you out. LOL But the Bad Blogger image is a great way to make people stop and come to your blog to read the whole post.

    1. haha thanks Cari!! yeah I know it happens to everyone, but I felt like i needed to own up, and we shall see, people probably think im hating on anther blog, when im just calling myself out! lol