Sunday, April 14, 2013

Book Review: The Wrap-Up List by: Steven Artson

Goodreads Summary: 

In this modern-day suburban town, one percent of all fatalities come about in the most peculiar way. Deaths—eight-foot-tall, silver-gray creatures—send a letter (“Dear So-and-So, your days are numbered”) to whomever is chosen for a departure, telling them to wrap up their lives and do the things they always wanted to do before they have to “depart.” When sixteen-year-old Gabriela receives her notice, she is, of course devastated. Will she kiss her crush Sylvester before it’s too late?

Friendship, first love, and fantasy artfully mesh in this magically realistic world that ultimately celebrates life.

My Review:

ReadingNook Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

It's taken me a while to write this review, not because I didn't like the book but because I didn't know how to formulate my thoughts about this story. Steven Arnston definitely has a unique and creative mind, that's for sure. His writing almost felt poetic in nature but in a very organic way. In this new civilization Death is in the form of a person, and when he writes you a letter, your days are numbered, that is unless you can find out your Deaths' weakness and recieve a pardon, but those are few and far between, which is why you are encouraged to write a "wrap-up" list or in other words a bucket list of wishes or things you want to happen before death takes you away. 

Gabrielle decides that she wants her first kiss to be with her crush Sylvester before death takes her away, but she also wants her friends to experience their first kisses too before she leaves this earth, and her last and final wish is to be pardoned, which sends her friends and her are on a journey to try to figure out her death's weakness. 

I really enjoyed this story, but felt like it was missing something, I think the book could have been a little longer, and I wish there was a more in depth discussion of the Deaths and the letters they wrote to warn people of their ensueing deaths, not that I didn't understand the concept but that I wish it was more developed. I did like Gabriella's character but wish we got to know more about her as well. I didn't think this book was bad by any means, but wish it was longer and more developed because I think it was such a unique concept, and would have liked to see more from it.

I recieved this book via ARCYCLING if you haven't yet checked this wonderful blog out, please do!! 

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  1. This is an interesting book, but seems that it needs more depth to it. It was a good concept, but her last wish is to be kissed? WHAT?

    Oh gosh.