Thursday, March 17, 2011

Review: Pretties By: Scott Westerfeld

3 stars
I was really looking forward to this second book in the series after reading and LOVING uglies but this book unfortunetly a bit of a let-down, it took me a long time to get through, and i felt like i was constantly bored. I honestly thought this book was going to focus more on Talley's life as being a pretty but it was more about her escaping being a pretty and being on the outside again. I kept wanting something exciting to happen, but for me it just didn't happen. The love triangle or lack there of between David, Zane and Tally kind-of bothered me too, because I felt like it just hung there without anything of real substance happening.

I think a lot of people will probably disagree with this review because I know a lot of people loved it, but different strokes for different folks I guess. I didn't hate it, it just didn't fufill my expectations and was lacking something for me. I plan on continuing with the series and finishing it, because theres only two books left, but I sincerely hope that specials picks up for me!!


  1. What a bummer that the second book just wasn't as good -I'd heard good things about the first one too, I guess I'll have to check em out for myself:) Thanks so much for sharing. I love your background!!

  2. thanks so much Cathy, sorry it took me so long to respond I just figured out how to view my comments posted!!