Friday, July 1, 2011

Book Review: Compulsion by: Heidi Ayarbe

ReadingNook Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
As soon as I heard the premise of this story I know I would be picking it up as soon as possible. I'm always immediately drawn to books regarding mental illness and disorders and am fasinated by the feelings, emotions and behaviors surrounding them. Jake Martin is a high school senior, soccer player extrodinare, who is living with a secret. His life is consumed with his obsession and need for prime numbers. He feels that the prime numbers bring him magic, magic that not only protects his family but brings him luck on the soccer field as well, but these numbers also consume his life, if Jake can just make it through saturdays championship soccer game, he thinks the magic will stay with him forever, but will it, or will the numbers continue to consume his life?

I had a very hard time connecting to this story and the main character Jake, not because he was male, but just his character in general. Anyone who knows me knows i'm far from a numbers person, and I think maybe the overwhelming abudance of them make this book a bit taxing for me. Which some could argue may have been the point of the story, that in fact that's how Jake felt in regards to his OCD, but I had a hard time being able to connect. 

I wish the story focused more on his disease, rather then him trying to keep it a secret, and I wish the ending resolved or came to a better conclusion, because in my opinion it felt like it was left uncomplete, and ended kinda-of abruptly. I did however find this book interesting in the respect that while I have read novels regarding OCD i've never read a book regarding OCD with regards to numbers, and I know thats very common in people with OCD, so I did get to see a whole nother side to the disease that i've never really delved into before.

I do think this book is worth picking up and giving a chance, and I do feel that a lot of guys would really enjoy this novel, The protaginist is male, and it deals with an athlete and issues I think a male would be able to relate to better then a female.

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