Thursday, July 7, 2011

Book Review: A Long, Long Sleep By: Anna Sheehan

ReadingNook Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Ok so I would not consider myself a science fiction fan at all, in fact I usually tend to stay away from books that are science fiction in nature. But when a good friend, and fellow blogger Krista at CubicleBlindness said it was one of her favorite books of the year so far, I decided I needed to put my guard down and give it a try. This was a sleeping beauty retelling with an added dose of futuristic appeal, crazy technology, and a bit of supernatural beings as well.

Rosalinda Fitzroy was put in what's called a stasis tube for 62 years, she is woken up by a kiss from a boy to find that she's still 16 years old, and her parents, and her first love and everyone she's ever known is long gone. She's in a whole new world and has no idea why she was put in stasis and left there for so many years.

I found this story to be interesting, at times I felt it dragged a little, but the suprises and twists and turns that occured sporadically throughout the book, make up for those moments that seemed a bit dull. Usually I'm pretty good with guessing which way a story is going to go, but this one definitely threw me for a loop, and What occured I definitely didn't see coming at all. This book made me rethink my reservations regarding sci-fiction. I still don't think I can say i'm a fan, but books with a bit of science-fiction in them, that i might not have previously read, will most likely be on my radar from now on thanks to Anna Sheehan. Great Job.


  1. As a fan of sci-fi, it sounds like I may LOVE this book!

  2. yea it was pretty good, it suprised me in a good way!!