Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Review: But I Love him by: Amanda Grace

ReadingNook Rathing: 3 out of 5 stars

Ann is starting her senior year, she's a track star, and has a great boyfriend and she thinks she has it all together, but Conner is not liked by her friends or by Ann's mother, they think he is bad for her, and with good reason. Conner is possessive and abusive both physically and emotionally. Ann has given Conner all the pieces of her heart, Literally. But what happens when she forgot to save a piece of it for herself?

But I love him opened my eyes to a way I once felt about abusive relationships. I always said that if a man every laid a hand on me, I would be gone so fast their heads would spin, and thank God i've never had to go through that situation, but this book made me see why leaving isn't always the easiest thing to do. Conner was very malipulative and made her feel bad for him, he'd break down after the abuse, and say that he'd never do it again, and don't know what came over him, etc. I could see how Ann felt trapped by his love, because when it was good it was really good, but the lows were even worse then the highs.

I think every teen/adult should read this book. It was very eye-opening to me, and i'm sure that EVERYONE has been in an abusive relationship or has known someone else that has, and if this book dosen't help you, then maybe it will help you help someone you know that's dealing with this. Amanda Grace's writing style in this book was real, emotional, and pulled at your emotions, and i loved it! The only reason why this book didn't get 5 stars for me is because of the jumping around of the timeline, I know a lot of people enjoyed that but for me I found it took away from the story and was a bit confusing at times. 

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