Monday, February 13, 2012

Chick-Lit Plus Blog Tours: Princess of Park Avenue by: Daniella Brodsky

Goodreads Summary: 

How far would you go to forget Mr. Wrong? 

Anyone can see Lorraine Machuchi is no ordinary Brooklyn girl. Anyone except for Lorraine, that is. She’s been too busy obsessing over Tommy Lupo to notice. Living day to day on his confusing midnight phone calls and big-haired memories of their relationship in the early nineties, she’s given up any opportunity of leaving Brooklyn. And though she never saw the home she loves as a failure, there are lots of folks she’s pissed off by staying put—her mother, her dead grandmother’s ghost, not to mention the old Italian ladies who shake their heads at her in the pork store. And what’s worse, the very guy she tossed everything away for just told her he’ll never wind up with her—a girl who’s not going anywhere. 

…Okay, so you might disapprove of her motive—changing for a guy. But then you probably haven’t seen Tommy with three shirt buttons undone. Besides, when Lorraine crosses the bridge to Manhattan she begins to realize she’s got a lot to offer. She starts coloring hair at a swank salon where they actually appreciate a little talent, even if you have to bend some rules to use it. She gets a fabulous Park Avenue sublet, even if it does involve chasing around a dog/horse named Pooh-Pooh.She meets a guy who’s actually…perfect, even if she might be too hung up on Mr. Wrong to notice. She’s asked to become the newest member of the Princesses, an elite group of Park Avenue’s most powerful socialites, even if the reasoning behind it might be a little fishy. Sure, their $400 cashmere sweaters, charity balls for poor girls with small boobs, and ‘sexy’ yoga are a bit over-the-top, but a Brooklyn girl can learn a lot by discovering her own inner princess… 

My Review: 
ReadingNook Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Although this book took me a while to get through, It was through no fault of its own. This book was actually right up my alley, and was probably one of my favorite chick-lit books i've read in a long time. I could relate to Lorianne (the main character) because i'm almost done with hairdressing school right now, and have big dreams for my future, similar to what she had for herself.

Lorianne's romantic situation, although fustrating at times, was relatable, everyone has either gone through or knows someone who can't get over a relationship that was toxic in nature, and that always ends in hurt, because of disapointment, cheating, etc. I like how Lorianne's decisions played out in the end though.

The aspect of the Princesses in this book was a bit mean girl-esqe, which was ok with me because I loved that movie, but it also reminded me of the show "You're Cut Off", and showed this level of society girls that are used to getting whatever their hearts desired, whenever they wanted it. I love that high-society kind of story, maybe because thats so far from my own life, but I enjoy reading stories that involve that kind of character for some reason.

Overall, I really enjoyed the storyline, Lorianne's career was one that intrigued me, I've never read a chick-lit novel that's main character was in the beauty industry, in fact I feel like they are always in the jouralism or editorial fields, and thats about it, which personally gets a bit dull after a while, because it's so repetitive. I also loved the characters as well as Lorianne's romantic interests. If you like fun, hilarious, and a modern chick-lit story you'll love this one.

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